Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Another problem with yahoo mail : can not open attachment

Oh my God.. Actually I have been having this problem since two weeks ago, however I could stand with the problem.

Since I have free time now, I am browsing into the internet to find out the solution. And thanks to Mr Google, there always the answer for my problem.

If you could not open the attachment of your yahoo mail, please follow this steps :
1. Open outlook express (even though it is quite odd, because we think the problem is in the yahoo mail, we should open yahoomail instead).

2. On Tools menu, click Options.
3. Click  tab Security, Uncross  in the check box "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"  then click OK.

I hope you will find the solution like me.
Thanks Mr Google.

Senin, 16 September 2013

Register for Akte Kelahiran

Hm.... What is akte kelahiran in English ? I have no idea also. My third boy was born in August 8, 2013. It was the first Lebaran Day. Practically,  i spent my Lebaran Day in the hospital. Even though, I felt a little bit different this year, however, I felt lucky also, because I didnt have to visit many relatives. It was

As a good citizen i have to register my son's birth. It is important for him to be registered. He needs this document for enrolling the school and many other purposes.

Actually i  was a little bit  pessimistic, I know for sure, this paperwork is not piece of cake. Not to mention, i have to go to several goverment's offices. However, I have to finish this paperwork, It is got to be done ( I said it to my self).

These are the requirements :
1. copy of ID of both parents
2. copy of Family Card ( my baby's name should be mentioned in this document)
3. copy of ID of  two your relatives
4. letter that confirm my baby's birth
5. letter from keluharan

These are my steps:
1. I went to RT and RW office.There was a paper that has ti be filled. Dont forget to mention purposes of the lettter (write down as clear as you can)
2. I went to keluhrahan. Here I have to register  with two different purposes. First, I have to register akte kelahiran. Second, I have to register my son for family card. It was uneasy I thought.  Therefore, I have a negative mind when I was queing in Kelurahan.  Fortunately, there were not many people qued for the similar reaason. Fortunately after waiting for 10 minutes, then I got my turn.  I submitted all the paper required and the man in the desk said that the result will be in the next three days.
3. After three days, I came to Kelurahan again, then I got the papers required.
4. This is the last part that i have to visit Kecamatan. I went directly to Kecamatan that is on the next side of Kelurahan. And this was my mistakes, I have to go to different Kecamatan. Because it got to be Kecamatan of the birth place.

I havent finished this part, because I have to wait when I have free time to deal with this papers. Meanwhile, I just collected all the papers required and brought all papers with me..

Senin, 06 Desember 2010

The comfort feeling flying with this airline..

Finally i go home again, it feels like coming to the real world again, with all the hectic, patient, operation, post-op and pre-op care, answering the SMS or phone calls anytime, of course, the wonderful things meeting my two marvelouz boyz....How i miss mommy, jindan and wildan. It is nice being free woman, like now, going without boyz, just bring my own body and my own lugagge. It is funny i remember once when we were in the ealiest of my specialist training, we should talked about our hobiest. Every new residents said about their hobbies and the audience ( whom the consultant of surgery department, other resident and medical student) were laughing when they thaught it was funny. When my turn was.....My hobby is taking care of my two boyz...Everybody were laughing. sanez hoby, eta mah, kewajiban.. (it was expression in Sundanese).. Dasar bedah saraf, saraf.....hihihi..

That is intermezzo, guys..
This is my round trip with etihad. Everybody that heard the Etihad name, oh, it is luxorious airplane.My thought is also the same, since this is the aiplane that sold the promo ticket to Toronto when i needed. Alhamdulillah, with lowest rate i could have so many facilities.
Our transit is in Abu Dhabi. It is the international airport and we could easily find the Indonesian people  here. Wifi waiting room could make you wait without boring  (when you are busy with your laptop, of course).....
By the way, the plane is so wonderful, with the stecker below the LCD, new movies, dramas, actions, Kid movies, etc. You could have it in front of your seat. You know there is the foot-step also, your  feet  could have the right position and you could also change that as what you prefer. The food,...yummy. Since i am not fans of wonderful picky-food, i dont have problems with the food. Thanks to ALLAH, i could still eat in the expensive  airplane, Bless you Allah. ....
With the 14 hours non stop flying (Toronto-Abu Dhabi), they serve 2 meals-1 ice cream-1 sandwich, 3 times drink. I think that every two hours they serve drink and food. How nice it is.. Alhamdulillah.
Oh, i should mention, about  the on-line check in that they serve. You d better check yourself online, after you bought the ticket, direct take your seat (you could choose the window or aisle). My suggestion, if you are in the long trip, better choose the aisle seat. You could easily walk to the lavatory, walk around, just to lengthen your feet, without borthering the neighbour.
When we are flying to US/Canada, from Indonesia, we could bring 2 pieces lugagge (each 23 kg). In the check-in desk, they could tolerate until 26 kg ( i think). But dont count on it. But now i could predict my weight of my lugagge (since this is  sixth time outside trip). If you put everything full in your  big lugagge,  the maximal weight is 23 kg.. Trust me...

The person in the check-in desk always put their smile on their face, and ask nicely where is our destination and give some comment. How are you ? Oh, you are going to Indonesia. It is lovely country..I just smile...I wonder when all the nurse in  my hospital do the same as this person, how nice it could....
The culture of qeue (line-up) to boarding, to buy food, to buy ticket, Canada is very good.. Also when we will boarding from Toronto, 1.5 hours before boarding time,, they already make  the line. Until the person in charge of the boarding  said that : "People you should make line, because you are interfiering the  person with children or with the wheel-chair" Oh, my God...

Senin, 29 November 2010

Do you need accompany for tonight ?

This funny things happend to me this early morning. Because i could not be able to turn on my lamp during the  night (beyond 11 o'clock pm), so usually i go to sleep at 12 o clock and i wake up at 3 am. I go downstairs, open the laptop until the sunrise.
This morning  I did not notice that someone was watching me all the time, Being busy with the chat to Indonesia, also in the middle doing something, i did not realized that someone was going back and forth several times. After doing shubuh pray, i move to different place. Still in the lower grounds, but i move the other room. Because this room will be for breakfast.
....and this guys was asking me, are you going to bed ? No. i said. I would like to move there. Nearby- TV ? he asked again. No, just cross this room, i said. And i took all my things, laptop and sat in the next room. He asked if he could sat beside me, and asked my name, whether i have went to around Toronto, etc. He was young-tall-blonde man. I was asking, what were you are doing etc.......

His friend made some tea and offered me some tea. I have funny fealing and try always to make my self safe. You know what i mind, as a woman in the strange place. I am better and always to be very careful.  I d better make my own tea, i said, Because i was afraid they will put something inside my tea.
I took a couple of tea and filled it with milk and sugar, said thank you and was back to my laptop.

And there were him. He came again and sat again next to me, and asked what i am doing. He sat really close to me and asked slowly whether i need accompany this night...

HIIHIHI. Are you crazy or what ??No of course i didnt say like that. I moved a little bit away from him and said politely, no, thanks. See, i have a lot of things to do then. But, anyway, thank you.
And he went away.
Thanks god,

Actually if he was  Brad Pitt or  Johnny Depp, probably i would like to say ..dont...dont hesitate to come again. hihihi

Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Perjalanan ke Society of NeuroOncology Meeting in Montreal (2)

Thanks for my  dear asistant, because you have made my travel seemed without problem. Saya sampai di Toronto, sebenarnya saya bisa aja mencari tiket pesawat ke Montreal (perjalanan 600 km, tetapi mesti merogoh kocek 2-3 juta lagi. Ya. karena juga ngak mengejar waktu, saya putuskan memakai bis dari Toronto-Montreal, cuma 65 CAD. Kalau di Canada ini, yang mahal adalah taxnya, 11 persen, kadang 12 persen. Jadi, tambahannya lumayan menguras kocek......
Tiba di Toronto, jam15.35. on time, saya sengaja, tidak memburu-buru waktu keluar. Take it easy aja  saya pikir, karena juga harus mengambil bagasi. Dan pasti bagasinya mengantri masuk. Bener aja, karena saya yang  palingjauh, jaraknya dari canada, jadi bagasi saya paling belakang.Bagasi akhirnya datang, kurang dari 20 menit dan kemudian saya jalan ke luar, semua ngak sampai 30 menit, kelar semua.

Mulai deh,, trip di negara orang...
Saya segera ke bagian informasi dan diberi banyak penjelasan, meski saya sudah tahu. ...Pertama, saya mesti beli token (1nya 2,95 CAD)/ 1 token  itu akan membawa naik bis dan subway sampai ke Toronto Bus Terminal. Jadi dari Toronto Airport naik bis 192 Rocket bus, yang akan membawa sampai ke Kipling statiun dan kemudian naik subway, turun di Bloor-Yonge, kemudian naik subway ke Dundas, jalan 400 meter sampai di Toronto Bus terminal, yang akan membawa ke  Montreal.